Our priority is to be a responsible business

The ACME Group’s Code of Conduct provides guidelines to help implement the ACME Group’s values ​​and ensure that the ACME Group’s internal rules and the highest standards of business ethics are followed in practice. This allows us to develop long-term relationships with customers and partners, ensure the quality of goods and services, promote the best employees. You can read more about the Code of Conduct by downloading the document provided.

We strive not only to meet the minimum legal requirements, but also to be a responsible business. Ensuring compliance with the values ​​and general operating principles of all ACME Group companies, we want to be the first to notice and receive information about possible violations of legal acts by the employees of the companies while performing their activities in Lithuania or abroad. You are kindly requested to report the mentioned cases to e. email compliance@acme.lt. We assure you that your reports will be promptly and thoroughly investigated.

You can download the code of ethics here https://acmegrupe.lt/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/ACME-Grupe-Code-of-Conduct-EN.pdf