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Teenuse osutamise kord

Garantiiremonti saame pakkuda ACC Distributioni poolt maale toodud seadmetele.

Vajalik ostudokument ja seade komplektsena.

Tasulist remonti saame pakkuda kõigile seadmetele olenemata maaletoojast.

Seadmed tuleb klientidel ise hooldusesse toimetada.

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Did You Know......

  • Warranty valid only with purchase document (invoice, cheque and etc.).
  • Only legal operating system is installing in our service.
  • Manufacturer and service center are not responsible for data loss. Periodically make data Back Up to another media.
  • Battery has a limited warranty period. You can always check battery's warranty period in manual. Natural capacity decrease is a normal process

Authorized service 

Warranty and post-warranty repair service center

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